Services and Links

Specialist in Live Video Streaming

I am intimately familiar with virtualy all models of TriCaster, From Standard Def models, all the way up to the latest

I’ve worked with many clients, and helped stream to large audiences on YouTube, Livestream, Facebook, etc.

On some events, I’ve been a “one-man-band”, so I am familiar with, and well skilled in virtually all areas of Video production.  Including Equipment Needs, System Design, Integration, Operation, Live Streaming, etc.  As well as Post-production Editing, DVD or Web Publishing, etc.




Fast Creative Editing.  Movies, Television, Commercials, Reels, Web, etc. HD or SD

Live Multi-Camera Web-Streaming.  Including System Design and Implementation.

Green Screen and Virtual Sets.


Adam's Basic Interview  (Slighty NSFW)

Everything you need to know, (and perhaps too much), in under 5 minutes (PG-13) Basic Interview, Producing, Editing, Writing, Comedy, Greenscreen, Virtual Sets, etc.